NVIS Systems

Avincorp has been involved with Aircraft Night Vision Imaging Systems (ANVIS) from the inception of the ANVIS capability within the Civil Aviation Safety Authority Regulatory Framework. Avincorp was involved with the Regulatory Steering Group charged with the development of Australian Civil Aviation Order 82.6.

Avincorp has continued to develop the awareness and application of NVIS technologies for the aviation industry through continuous research and development and numerous NVIS rotorcraft modifications.

Avincorp is unique in Australia as it is the only organization capable of providing a turn key solution for NVIS operations of a given aircraft / rotorcraft. True testament to this capability has been the incorporation of a complete NVIS modification and certification upgrade program for two BK117 rotorcraft within a remote location, Honiara. This modification was achieved in Honiara within 12 Days from contract award for the Australian Federal Police.

Avincorp has developed a Hanger Base Facility on the Sunshine Coast Airport and also has a mobile test facility which can be erected anywhere in the Asia Pacific Region.

Design and Certification of Avincorp NVIS cockpits is performed to meet compliance with Australian Regulation CAO 82.6, RTCA DO-275 and MIL-STD-3009.